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4 veterans of the Confederate Forces of the American Civil War in 1922. it appears 3 of them are officers and 1 of them is a soldier. I guessed infantry off of the light shade of cuff links and neck decorations, but I could be wrong here. Either way, the sheer amount of amazing things these guys have been through and witnessed, it’s baffling. 
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How are you going to call the Confederate Battle Flag racist, and then completely ignore the fact that slavery was legal and thrived in the United States far longer than it did in the CSA, and also ignore the brutal crimes against humanity that the US government committed against minorities…


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"The Southern writer can out write anybody in the country because he has the Bible and a little history." - Flannery O’Connor (via dailyflanneryoc)
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Proverbs 4:6-7🙏


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I’ve never understood why so many people complain about crepe myrtles. I find them just beautiful!